Hy, this is litte app for X under linux to listen to the radio...

    19.6.2001: new major release
    18.3.2001: scrollbar to tune better and faster
    14.3.2001: German interface available, tuning-limitations
    11.3.2001: German-Homepage is available
    6.3.2001: 4 new download versions (tarball, rpm...) and more text-documents
    25.2.2001: new minor release
    24.2.2001: new major release
    21.2.2001: improved tuning-functions
    19.2.2001: one new minor release, some bugfixes
    18.2.2001: new major release, more infos under change
    9.2.2001: Many new releases...
    6.2.2001: homepage is available...
    5.2.2001: I've started developing an own radio-app with GTK and C

eMail: rico.ffo@gmx.de